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Formerly Kurtz Welding

Still owned by the family of Jeffrey Slack

In 1963 our business was established as a builder and fabricator of new and refurbished fire apparatus, specialty welding, and custom fabrications.

Then in 1981 we initiated a new product line, fabricating and rebuilding stainless steel dairy tanks and trailers.

In 1992 declining demand, due to fewer dairy farmers, resulted in poor annual sales.  Recognizing the need for new products, services, and re-structuring; Jeffrey Slack was recruited as General Manager.  Jeff brought to the table 20 years of experience in the truck and truck equipment business. Upon the closing of a local truck fabrication shop, Jeff recognized the need for a quality builder of propane bobtails and cylinder service bodies.  Addition of these product lines as well as others brought new growth to the company.

In 1997 Kurtz Welding Inc. was purchased by Jeff Slack from the Kurtz family. 

From this point on Jeff continued his quest to build quality trucks for the energy market.

These trucks include propane and petroleum delivery units, cylinder bodies, and crane trucks. To this day Kurtz Welding is known throughout the fuel delivery industry as having the highest quality delivery units on the market.

In 2002 Jeff made a decision to expand his business in a related but different line of truck equipment. Kurtz Welding began offering a full line of truck equipment including dump bodies, service and platform bodies, electric and hydraulic hoists, material handling cranes, vacuum tankers and any accessories that would go along with this type of equipment. Kurtz Welding is proud to have such recognized product lines as Bibeau, Knapheide, Venturo, and Roll-Rite.          

On April 2, 2007 Kurtz Welding changed its name to Kurtz Truck Equipment to better reflect the types of fabrication lines available.  The company is still owned by the family of Jeffrey Slack; and therefore, Kurtz Truck Equipment will provide the same quality products with the same great service as it has always done. 

We are proud to say that our customer base encompasses seven states and many markets.  

Kurtz Truck Equipment is known for its high quality equipment and its fabricators. The Kurtz workforce is dedicated on a daily basis to ensure that we always exceed our customer’s expectation and needs.


How to extend the life of your Kurtz Bobtail

Meghan Slack


A bobtail will last longer and allow you to keep delivering propane more safely when you and your drivers follow these key maintenance steps. 

  1. Scrub-a-dub-dub - Wash that baby regularly! As a teenager I was out in the driveway washing my 88 Firebird religiously to make sure the paint was pristine and that rust didn't have time to form, make sure you're doing the same for your bobtail fleet! We recommend at least a weekly wash to keep corrosion to a minimum and that paint job looking good!
  2. Make sure to attend to scratches and dents as soon as possible. They can be the root of all evil especially for those of you living in the north east where they salt the roads all winter. Not to mention customers judge how your trucks look...who wants to buy propane from the company with a rusty looking, poorly maintained fleet, they might assume because you don't take care of your trucks that you won't take care of their needs. 
  3. Inspect your trucks regularly - Your drivers are out there in all weather conditions on all types of roads from paved to dirt delivering to your customers.
    1. Your trucks PTO, pump, and hose real should be greased once a month. 
    2. If you notice your meter moving slowly your strainer may need attention. Contact a qualified professional to have it checked.
    3. Make sure your Hydro & VK inspections are up to date.

Kurtz is in the midst of a busy time of year. We are working hard to get your truck out the door and welcome anyone in the market for a bobtail to contact us. If you're not looking to buy new we list used trucks so be on the look out. We are also equipped to do Hydro & VK inspections as well as repaint your truck or tank to help extend it's life. 

Here at Kurtz we pride ourself on offering the best quality bobtail on the market at a competitive price. Kurtz built bobtail customers get a discount on all of their parts and service needs. 

Wishing you a relaxing summer!