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E-Coat Immersion for Ultimate Corrosion Resistance

Knapheide Bodies undergo a comprehensive 12-step, electrodeposition prime paint system, ensuring superior corrosion resistance. This process provides long-lasting protection against the elements.


LED Lighting

Experience enhanced safety with our surface mount lighting system featuring LED S/T/T and B/U lights. For added visibility, opt for our LED strobe option, offering eight selectable patterns and built-in reflectivity.

Durable Body Shell

with Warranty

Our bodies are crafted from rugged 14-gauge, two-sided A-40 galvanneal steel. We stand by the quality of our products with a six-year warranty. Complete undercoating adds an extra layer of corrosion protection, ensuring your investment lasts.

Innovative Return

Flange Floor

Our exclusive “Return Flange” floor design not only supports side compartments but also reinforces the floor, eliminating rust-prone exposed seams between the floor and side compartments.


Quality Automotive Latches
Enjoy the convenience of automotive-quality, paddle-activated rotary style latches. These latches are low maintenance and stylish, covered under our generous six-year warranty.

Triple Contact Door Seals
Protect your tools and equipment from the elements with triple contact door seals, offering superior weather resistance.

Secure Door Retainer
Our double spring over-center door retainer on all doors eliminates involuntary swings and ensures doors stay securely open or closed.

Adjustable Compartment Shelves
Our rugged spangled galvanized steel divider shelves have a 250 lb. capacity and are adjustable. With divider slots on 4″ centers, these shelves are also backed by our six-year warranty.

Continuous Stainless Steel Hinge
Experience unmatched security and corrosion resistance with our continuous stainless steel hinge, also covered by our six-year warranty.

Interior Light Guard
Keep your recessed lighting and wiring package protected with interior light guards.

Latch Interior Cover
Our latch interior cover secures the latch to the door and protects internal latch mechanisms from damage. Please note that appearance may vary.

Adjustable Security Ring Strikers
Our adjustable security ring strikers provide strength, security, and a weather-tight seal throughout the body’s lifespan.

Convenient Slam Lock Tailgate
Our slam lock tailgate with one-hand center release ensures convenience and durability. The double-panel construction also provides a flat interior surface for use as a workbench.

Quality Compartment Doors
Our compartment doors are made from double-shell, 20-gauge, two-sided A-40 galvanneal steel.

Quick Mount Body for Easy Installation
Our quick mount installation allows for the safe and easy mounting of the body and bumper. It also permits straightforward transfer from chassis to chassis, meeting FMVSS 301 requirements.


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